Monday, 24 October 2011


Two styles of shoe with hand knitted elements, shoe designed by TN29, hand knit pieces designed and knitted by me (with help from Roberta).

Monday, 10 January 2011

Big Red Head

A Big Red Head, for a photo agency this time! (Basically a beach ball covered in papier mache and then red yarn.)

The Knitted World

Yet another Ad Agency request - a knitted map of the world, looking rough!

Another Ad Agency Project

Knitted to sketch provided by Client.

One Row Scarf

I love knitting these one row scarves, based on the famous Yarn Harlot's pattern.

Diamond In The Rough

Own design scarf in Aran weight yarn, wording chosen by Client. (Nov 2009)

Baby Hats

Two very small but perfectly formed hats for a new born baby - my own designs. (Dec 2009)

Christmas Angels

Two (Jean Greenhowe) angels made for an advertising campaign. (Dec 2009)

Green Teddy Bear

Designed and knitted for a Leicestershire student, to go with her thesis presentation. (Jan 2011)